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CRM- Customer Relationship Management

What is the CRM system?
Is a tool used to manage a company’s interaction with its customers and potential customers. Involves the use of technology to organize, automate and synchronize business processes, mainly related to sales, marketing, services and customer support.

Many benefits for your company:

• Leads and opportunities – Gain new customers;

• People management – Single register in the system;

• Management of budgets – Has the data in your hand;

• Corporate Campaigns – Set its commercial strategy;

• Management of activities — Create and follow the day to day tasks;

• 100% Web — adaptive layout for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

People management -Single registration in the system

Register in easily and objectively customers, suppliers and other people in the system. Manage quickly, simple and practical informations of each person, through a single and integrated record. Also offers automated resources of importing Leads and People of files TXT and Excel.

Management of Budgets -Has the data in your hand

Runs immediately and in simplified form, the full budgets, relating the items of interest with the information in the register of people. Organize your business processes with integrated information, goals, and financial account.

Corporate Campaigns -Set its commercial strategy

Create and manage lists for certain campaigns or for future use. Create lists from the customer information already available or imports from various sources, inserting them into a single repository. Use strategies such as email Marketing, Telemarketing, sending SMS messages and management of occurrences.

Activities – management Create and follow the day to day tasks

Easily create and manage activities for your workgroup or team. TheAlvo CRM enables you to create and manage activities and alerts as letters, meetings, phone calls, tasks, faxes and e-mails, all easily and intuitively with possibility of viewing by calendar.

Management of social networks -Manage, track and monitor easily what they say about you on social networks.