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Business Intelligence

The Travel Business Intelligence system allows the centralisation and the monitoring of vital information for management of your business. Offers the most current when we think about technology and processes.

What is the Business Intelligence system (BI)?
Is a system of high technological content. It collects, organizes and conducts the analysis, monitoring and sharing information for rapid decisions. The BI is therefore an important strategy for your business.

Why your company needs a Travel BI?
Only with the BI is possible to analyze and monitor information of your company in a secure manner, through features that guarantee the speed and safety of this process:

BI enables the centralization of the information of your company, what facilitates and simplifies your management, bringing several benefits such as:

• Prediction of scenarios for advance decisions: with BI, based at the intersection of current information, you can make decisions in their company now being precautious in relation to future scenarios;

• Ease of viewing information: centralization and organization of all informations of your business in one place;

• Data security: security of information guaranteed by the data encryption;

• Information crossed with ease: crossover of legacy data, allowing the knowledge of all information and developing strategies;

• Accurate results: through dashboards and charts you have access to the most relevant data, facilitating their management;

• High performance: the BI has an intelligent optimizer of queries in the database, providing a high performance in the return of the information;

• Intelligent caching of queries: all the consultations realized in the database are stored in a intelligent cache, causing any information searched to be returned immediately without burdening the processing in the database;

• Analytical Dashboards: users can create new dashboards in record time. The BI is a decision support system, rich in information to executives and business users, that can be used on multiple platforms and devices. Allows the generation of charts, pivot tables, data card, meters, maps and data grid;

• Any data source: the system allows the connection to any data source, separated or combined, for the extraction and transformation of data into informations for making decisions.